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"Even Raël would Agree" at the Printemps Carougeois

Woman’s Move is happy to be a part of the Printemps Carougeois 2016, “La Frousse aux Trousses” !

We’ll perform “Even Raël Would Agree” during the opening night, right before the Choréoké (come and sing people !), as well as the following Thursday for the Place du Marché night market.

"What are you most afraid of? Being alone or being in bad company? ‘Even Raël Would Agree’ depicts a community of dancers whose members, frightened by a potential rejection of others, won’t dare to make an awry step… This performance explores the power held by others on ourselves, whose judgment forbids us to be different; these others who push us into conformism and the acknowledgment of the place they have been giving us. Look good and don't say anything, don't trust anyone…"

Cast: Marta Almeida, Iona D’Annunzio, Julie Dariosecq, Margaux Monetti, Mathieu Parola, Claire-Marie Ricarte et Oscar Sanchez

Thursday April 21, 21 :40 at the Halles de la Fonderie and Thurday April 28 on the Place du Marché.

Don’t miss the full line up for the Printemps Carougeois on their website !

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