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'The Sensemaker' at the Théâtre de la Parfumerie

Do you hate being on hold? Brilliant! Come to La Parfumerie and do just that for an hour. There's nothing like a good old robotic voice repeating the same stale greeting on a loop, or a tinny-sounding muzak version of the Ode to Joy, to help contemplate one's own mortality.

 No really, come along, it'll be so much fun!
Fun - that's precisely why we're all here. Keep smiling, even if it's tense. Show us the full extent of your motivation and your energy. Please. Thank you. And remember to wait.
Thank you. 

Let the job interview begin!

The Sensemaker (French title: Après le bip sonore) is a bureaucratic dystopia with a cynical tone. Created in 2018, this battle between a woman and an answering machine has since been performed more than 50 times in 8 European countries and 5 different languages. With its razor-sharp sense of humour and its unclassifiable genre, The Sensemaker has won 4 awards and has been near-unanimously praised by audiences and international critics alike.

'A journey from darkly comic to deeply discomfiting. 

' Playfully subversive. A remarkable solo performance'

'A hilariously, excruciatingly relatable look at the fears 
and frustrations of modern life'

On Thursday 26th November, the performance will be followed by a talk.

Shows in FRENCH every day. Show in English on Sunday 29th November, 3PM.


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