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“The Sensemaker” at the Nuit de la Flaque

For all of those who might have missed the solo “The Sensemaker” last april at the Théâtre de l’Abri, here is another opportunity to see it!

“The Sensemaker” will be represented during the Nuit de la Flaque on Thursday May 18th. Don’t miss this performance, which will take place inside the Coulou Building in the Marécage - Salon 1, at 7PM

“A phone, an answering machine, a chair, a suit, a pair of high heeled shoes. Bits and pieces of music and audio texts switching erratically, as varied as they are unexpected. The same moves, over and over, interpreted in different ways. A meaningful choreography performed by a mute dancer. Panicked looks, jerky moves, but a smile, always, even though it’s tense. ‘Please show us the whole extent of your motivation and dynamism’.

Let the job interview begin.”

Woman’s Move is sharing the spotlight with a ton of other artists worth (re)discovering!

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