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2017 May and June Tours

After the opening of the two short works “The Sensemaker” and “Drop the Gogo” at the Théâtre de l’Abri, Woman’s Move knows a rather lively end of the season… We’re delighted by this upcoming tour that will take us to Switzerland and abroad!

In the meantime, take a look at our Gallery to enjoy wonderful pictures of the last shows, thanks to Sébastien Moirot!

You can also find a very nice piece by Catherine Rohrbach about the representations at the Théâtre de l’Abri in our Press section: “As is its habit, the Woman’s Move collective, founded in 2012 by Iona D’Annunzio, Elsa Couvreur and Margaux Monetti, offers us seemingly light productions that quickly have us questioning the influence of society. The company’s members know how to use their body to get the message across all the while avoiding the elitist and abstract dancer’s cliché.”


Next representations of “Drop the Gogo”

“Using as a pretext the gogo-dancers you might meet in a club, and from whom you mostly expect that they’ll fulfill their role as living and breathing ornaments, Drop the Gogo questions our ambitions and fantasies: are they really our own or were they subtly forced on us? A journey through the land of narcissism, this short performance showcases our dependence to appearances and our vulnerability to the gaze of others. In the mirror of sexiness, your reflection is distorted. Only one thing is for certain: the strip-tease won’t be the one you’re expecting.”

- May 5th, 22:00, Salle del Castillo, Vevey for the Tanzfest

- May 6th, 18:30, Théâtre Benno Besson, Yverdon-les-Bains for the Tanzfest

- June 15th, Point Favre, Chêne-Bourg GE (with “The Sensemaker”)

- June 25th, 16:10, Music Festival, Geneva


Next representations of “The Sensemaker”

“A phone, an answering machine, a chair, a suit, a pair of high heeled shoes. Bits and pieces of music and audio texts switching erratically, as varied as they are unexpected. The same moves, over and over, interpreted in different ways. A meaningful choreography performed by a mute dancer. Panicked looks, jerky moves, but a smile, always, even though it’s tense. ‘Please show us the whole extent of your motivation and dynamism’.

Let the job interview begin.”

- May 18th, Coulouvrenière, Ciguë building, Geneva

- June 15th, Point Favre, Chêne-Bourg GE (with “Drop the Gogo)

- July 5th, BE Festival, Birmingham UK


Other shows

The solo “J’ai essayé de ne pas tomber” created in 2013 for the InciDanse platform will be represented under the title “I tried not to fall” at the FLUX4 Platform for Dance in Rotterdam!

- June 10th, Maaspodium, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I swear, I gave it all I had. I resisted, I fought against myself, I made a ton of useless moves to try and catch myself on something that wasn’t there.”

“J’ai essayé de ne pas tomber” is a solo for a dancer. It’s almost a stylistic exercise, a research on gravity and its impact on our body, and on materials: is my body stiff, elastic, soft, straight, twisted, tense? How does it react to a part of itself crashing? Is it going to fall, turn around, capsize, bounce back or resist?” To not fall. To not make any mistake. To stay upright and dignified whatever the circumstances… “J’ai essayé de ne pas tomber” depicts a painful and eternal struggle for perfection.

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