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Residency at the Théâtre de l’Abri

Woman’s Move is starting the second week of its residency at the Théâtre de l’Abri working on the creations “The Sensemaker” and “Drop the Gogo”.

These two short works that both touch upon our relationship to social conventions and authority will be represented on April 7th and 8th at the Théâtre de l’Abri.

You are all welcome to the representations on Friday april 7th at 19:30 and Saturday April 8th at 19:00!


“The Sensemaker” (Solo, 25 minutes)

A phone, an answering machine, a chair, a suit, a pair of high heeled shoes. Bits and pieces of music and audio texts switching erratically, as varied as they are unexpected. The same moves, over and over, interpreted in different ways. A meaningful choreography performed by a mute dancer. Panicked looks, jerky moves, but a smile, always, even though it’s tense.

‘Please show us the full extent of your motivation and dynamism’. Let the job interview begin.

Choreography, interpretation and audio editing – Elsa Couvreur

Lights – Marc Gaillard

“Drop the Gogo” (Group work, 25 minutes)

Using as a pretext the gogo-dancers you might meet in a club, and from whom you mostly expect that they’ll fulfill their role as living and breathing ornaments, Drop the Gogo questions our ambitions and fantasies: are they really our own or were they subtly forced on us? A journey through the land of narcissism, this short performance showcases our dependence to appearances and our vulnerability to the gaze of others.

In the mirror of sexiness, your reflection is distorted. Only one thing is for certain: the strip-tease won’t be the one you’re expecting.

Choreography – Elsa Couvreur in collaboration with the dancers

Interpretation – Sophie Amman, Iona D’Annunzio, Cédric Fadel Hattab, Margaux Monetti, Mathieu Parola, Noëlle Quillet

Musical arrangement and sound technique – Nicolas Senjaric

Lights – Marc Gaillard

Scenery – Paul Rauly


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Both those creations are produced in collaboration with l’Abri, Cultural Space for young talents. They benefit from the support of the Ville de Carouge and the Göhner Foundation.

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