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New creations for 2017

Woman’s Move is happy to announce not one but two new creations for 2017!

The solo “The Sensemaker” and the group work “Drop the Gogo” will open this year!


The Sensemaker

“A phone, an answering machine, a chair, a suit, a pair of high heeled shoes. Bits and pieces of music and audio texts switching erratically, as varied as they are unexpected. The same moves, over and over, interpreted in different ways. A meaningful choreography performed by a mute dancer. Panicked looks, jerky moves, but a smile, always, even though it’s tense.

‘Please show us the full extent of your motivation and dynamism’. Let the job interview begin.”

The solo “The Sensemaker” finds its inspiration in the short work “To Make Myself Clear” presented in 2012 at the Théâtre Sévelin.

Picture: Michael Kuszla


Drop the Gogo

Podiums. Perched up there, dancers. Their movements are cadenced, out of synch, playing with the electronic music on which they’re moving. Absurd and funny, their gestures soon begin to feel disturbing, troubling. They dance together in a perfectly synchronized ensemble that makes you want to join them as much as it makes you want to flee. Their feet hit the podiums in rhythm and shake the dancefloor until the earthquake. Will one of them finally dare to stand out, or will they remain united in guilty inaction, silent witnesses reassured by the group around them ?

Using as a pretext the gogo-dancers you might meet in a club, Drop the Gogo questions our ambitions and fantasies: are they really our own or were they subtly forced on us?

In the mirror of sexiness, your reflection is distorted. Only one thing is for certain: the strip-tease won’t be the one you’re expecting.

Drop the Gogo” will also be represented during the Tanzfest 2017.


We look forward to seeing you on April 7 and 8 for two performances of these short creations at the Théâtre de l’Abri (Geneva). Come and see!

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