Concept, choreography, interpretation - Elsa Couvreur


Music - Cherry Eye (Andy Stott)


Duration - 10 min



Performances :


-Plateforme InciDanse at Nouveau-Monde, Fribourg, 4 and 5 October 2013


- 10 June 2017, FLUX Platform for Dance, Maaspodium Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

- 24 November 2017 - The Follow Up Dance Showcase, The Brewhouse, London, UK




Produced with the support of the Ville de Carouge.

Thanks to: Ballet Junior de Genève, Cie Neopost Arrrht  as well as the generous contributors of Kisskissbankbank

I tried not to fall

(J'ai essayé de ne pas tomber)



“I swear, I gave it all I had. I resisted, I fought against myself, I made a ton of useless moves to try and catch myself on something that wasn’t there.”


"I tried not to fall" (“J’ai essayé de ne pas tomber”) is a solo for a dancer. It’s almost a stylistic exercise, a research on gravity and its impact on our body, and on materials: is my body stiff, elastic, soft, straight, twisted, tense? How does it react to a part of itself crashing? Is it going to fall, turn around, capsize, bounce back or resist?”


To not fall. To not make any mistake. To stay upright and dignified whatever the circumstances… “I tried not to fall” depicts a painful and eternal struggle for perfection.



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